Straight Forward Documentation Approach

Keeping your documentation up to date should not be a daunting task when using a technical documentation platform. No going back to updating individual Word documents after the latest quarterly software system release came out. Or after a process change. Output to what you need: Word, PDF, or Internet, just to name a few.

How? With a technical documentation platform like Paligo, which is an XML-based Component Content Management System (CCMS). Compare it to Lego. Now who doesn't love Lego? You have smaller content blocks that you use to build your bigger piece, like your software manual for example. Change one content block, et voilĂ , it will automatically update all the software manuals where you used that content block as well.

Next you translate your content blocks, and all your translations will stay in sync across your manuals as well!


Why I Use Paligo to Manage Documentation Projects

I like to use Paligo for technical documentation projects because it is comprehensive, intuitive, versatile and XML-based:

  • It is a cloud based product, so you can set up your own account instantly without having to purchase and install software
  • Full single-sourcing and multi-channel publishing, meaning author your content once and publish it everywhere (HTML, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Mobile...)
  • Integration with Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Memsource, Algolia...
  • Drag, drop and re-use your content
  • Easy migration of existing content
  • Translation management
  • Workflow management for authoring, reviewing, contributing, and translating content