Why Content2Write?

I am passionate about writing, and I am passionate about working with users. I am Content when I can Write. My most favorite part of my career as a SAP SuccessFactors Consultant has always been working with end users to make the software comprehensible to them. We always assume that cloud based software is intuitive for users, but it is not. Take the example of a retail company that has storefronts with about 5 to 10 employees. The store managers have to onboard a new employee a couple of times a year. They are not going to remember the process, nor should they be expected to. So when it is that time again, they will refer back to the instructions provided by headquarters. But the instructions are not up to date, and it becomes a struggle for the store manager to onboard the new employee. A lot of frustration and several calls to the help desk later the store manager finally manages to onboard the new employee. This is a scenario we see all too often. Proper end user training is a critical part of the software implementation cycle, yet it is often overlooked.



My specialty is software documentation, but as technical writers we learn to work with Subject Matter Experts (SME's) to acquire expertise on any subject we write about. We also rely on test users to review and test the usability of what we wrote, so we can publish accurate and user friendly documentation for the intended audience to refer back to. You read that right, for the intended audience. With a technical documentation system like Paligo we can actually determine output based on the user knowledge level. Pretty neat!

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