Welcome to Content2Write! When we think about writing, we are thinking about fiction or non-fiction books, poetry, newspapers. We are not thinking about an instruction manual on how to operate a washer, or an airplane. Or how a word processor works if we need to write a resume. Or how to change a flat tire? This is the type of writing that is referred to as Technical Writing. Content Writing, on the other hand, refers to creating content for the Web. I created this website to explain a little bit more about both, what documentation approach I use, and to show you portfolio examples of each.

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Content Writing is creating content for the Web. Articles, blog posts, website content, social media content, e-books are some of the tasks that come to mind when referring to Content Writing. Click here for more information about content writing.


Technical Writing is one of the disciplines in the field of Technical Communication. The goal of Technical Communication as well as Technical Writing is to create clear and organized content that helps users to achieve specific goals. Click here for more information about technical writing.


For more complex technical documentation, like a software manual for example that needs to be translated in multiple languages, I use Paligo, a Technical Documentation Platform. It allows for efficient document management and translation, easy updating, and different output formats. Click here for more information on document management with Paligo.